Saturday, October 20, 2012

{Cinque Terre} worth the wait!

You probably think by now we fell off into the Atlantic ocean on our way home, with the way my blogging abruptly ended mid-trip! Well, we did make it home safely, thankfully, but I was without a WiFi connection the last few days and then I broke the adapter I was so proud of that transferred the pictures from my camera to the iPad! So now I will attempt play catch up...

So we had one day left in Italy in my last post, and we were kinda feeling a mixture of emotions. The previous day was spent sightseeing in down pours of rain & sitting in cafes waiting for it to let up! Although it added a level of romance, walking the cobblestone streets huddled up under one umbrella, having water slosh around in our shoes wasn't the ideal way to tour any town! 

Between being bummed from the rain and really missing our boys we considered just calling it good and catching the early flight out the next morning. I know, call us fair weather travelers, but I won't get into the fitful time we had sleeping on the beds in our hotel that made the floor sound like a reasonably softer alternative! The reality was, we were thousands of miles from home and with one day to go, we figured we could make the best of whatever was left! What was there really to complain about anyway!? :)

And were we ever glad we didn't skip this beautiful gem of Italy! We toured the Cinque Terre, which means "five lands", best described as ancient little fishing villages built in the side of the hill and at one time only accessible by boat! There is only about a 10 miles span from the first village to the last, and you can either walk the seaside path that connects them all or take the train that tunnels through the hills between them!

The early inhabitants of these villages spent years terracing the cliffs around them by creating miles and miles of stone walls, to enable them to grow vineyards in the land they had available. Not only was the work to build the terraces grueling, but the effort just to maintain and harvest the vineyards is unfathomable! 


The weather was a bit hit and miss, and ironically would change at about the same time we left one village to go onto the next! The main streets in each town are tightly lined with shops and eateries like all the other towns we've visited so far in Italy  but minus the cars. It was mostly foot traffic, with the occasional bike and maybe a cat or dog here or there. Thankfully we were at the end of the tourist season and traffic was light, but we overheard someone saying it's shoulder to shoulder in the middle of the summer.

Our last night there was ended with a seafood dinner overlooking this beautiful harbor. The week went all too fast, of course, but we came away with some lifelong memories! Most interesting was observing the people and the life they live in this land. You feel a long ways away from home, because the language is foreign and the culture is so different...but the people, I've concluded...we're all the same!

{Now hold that thought...because I'm going to continue on in another post! }


  1. Traveling to Europe is one of my big dreams. I want to go so bad!

  2. Beautiful pictures! The third one from the top is just begging to be framed! :)

  3. Thank you Katie, that is a favorite of mine as well!


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