Saturday, October 6, 2012

Midwest stopover

So we're not quite to the rolling hills and handmade pasta yet..hit the pause button for just a minute for a quick stopover in the beautiful Midwest! Although I'm excited to see the breathtaking landscape of our final destination, upon landing in Dayton, seeing the fall color and smelling the harvest air was soothing to my soul! :) The first sound I heard when unloading at my childhood home was the sound of the dryer on a nearby grain bin and I had to smile to myself thinking about all the cool autumn evenings that I was lulled to sleep by that sound in my youth! Now, Mcdreamy and I are sitting in Washington DC awaiting the boarding call for our travels abroad, and I'm praying that very sound will gently lull our two babies asleep for the next 6 nights as they spend some quality time with grandpa & grandma! So, we have 4 hrs of travel time behind us and 8 to go...the anticipation is un-containable!! 


  1. I was going to say in my last comment, that my most favorite thing about Italy, were the grapes!! There is no comparison to the taste of Italian grapes.

  2. I'm loving your blogs from places I long to see. Enjoy!!!


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