Thursday, October 11, 2012

Onto the Sea...

As Americans it's difficult to fathom the age of these towns and the history they have to tell! To see a building that has been around for 1000 years is beyond unbelievable! Yesterday morning we left our quiet villa and headed for the coastal town of Santa Margherita, which is about a 3 hr drive by car! 

We broke up the drive by making a couple stops on our way over, and got to take in some of this magnificient history! We visited Badia d  Passignano, a mediviel hamlet founded in 395 A.C, where there is still monks that reside and are keepers of its cultural treasures! 

In the cellar of this abbey is wine that belongs to the surrounding vineyard owners, the famous Antinori family! We got a little tour, history lesson as well as olive oil tasting, which the family makes as well! A very interesting morning, but I still just stood in awe of the architecture!

We arrived at our hotel in this port town on the Mediterranean Sea, and are once again awe struck at the beauty of this country! Man can build some spectacular buildings but nothing compares to the beauty of the land handcrafted by our Creator! Something about standing at the edge of a body of water as this, make you feel pretty small!

We have one more day of sightseeing, and then it's back to the states to gather up the peeps! We've had the time of our lives, but we're missing them and I'm sure they are us as well!

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