Monday, October 8, 2012

Truffles and Mozart

Bonjourno', me friend! I've finally come out of the jet lag haze enough to thoughtfully post an update that will hopefully capture the adventure of our visit so far! We were blessed with a relatively smooth travel expeirance with just a slight delay in Munich, Germany...but we tried our hardest to remain patient despite the sleep deprivation and anticipation! When we were on our final approach into
Florence, the scene displayed below was enough to make my heart beat wildly!

Once we claimed our luggage and found our arranged transportation, we still had about an hour and a half drive to the Villa we are staying at! To acclimate to the local time zone we forced ourselves to stay awake through the rest of the afternoon & evening! After a magnificient pasta dinner and a glass of wine, sleep was not so easily put off!

This morning, of course, we woke bright and early! Our itinerary included a unique expeirance that turned out to be both informative and very memorable! The Tuscan region is famously known for many things, but the "truffle" is a delicacy that is found underground and is a highly demanded commodity! It is a type of mushroom that requires perfect growing conditions, from the soil to the humidity of the air! We visited a farm where they tenderly prepare the soil by clearing the land, ripping the ground and planting particular trees to promote the growth of this fungi!
They are hunted with trained dogs and have a very strong smell! I can't say I particularly enjoyed the aroma that they put off, but that is probably a matter of opinion! I could type so much incredible information that we learned about these mushrooms, but if your really interested, I encourage you to google it as my facts might not be completely straight!

Our next stop was a winery that is not your ordinary vineyard! The owner is an very passionate winemaker that is either crazy or brilliant! Based on a study from the university of Florence, he has his entire vineyard serinaded with Mozart, 24 hours a day, via Bose speakers installed throughout the whole place! Crazy or not, the wine was fantastic in our non-conassuier opinions!

The rest of the afternoon was spent shopping in the local town, Montecino, which is as charming as the rest of the ancient towns with its town center lined with mercantile, cafes and gelato shops! I've decided these people are onto something with their theory of simple yet quality way of life...but more on that later! :) For now, we're off to find some dinner before we call it a day...and what a splendid day it was!

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