Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thankful for the ordinary.

25 days of silence from the frantz nest, now that is a serious blog coma! It's not because there has actually been silence IN the nest, but rather the opposite. After getting home from our big trip, we kind of slid into a curious mode of the daily grind. That is best described as a mixture of the normal day to day living and a few out of the ordinaries. I guess really, thats just normal living...if there is such a thing!

As always there has been the meals to provide, laundry to be done, and general maintenance of survival in the nest...then blonde chief here woke up with an abnormally puffy and pinkish colored eye one morning that started the fun week of conquering the contagious infestation! Trying to keep the hands of a 2 and 4 year old washed is like pulling teeth (or just simply brushing them, if your 2). The eye drops we're an even more dreaded task...but then that's where things really take a turn in complete utter surprise. As if it were a walk in the park, brave blue eyes would lay himself down and take them with hardly a blink...and I was left in utter shock 3x a day at his performance. Life is full of surprises! ;)

Confined to the house, in our attempt to prevent further spread of the pink eye, we kept ourselves sane by reading our books from the library on the First Thanksgiving and making fun crafts off Pinterest! People are so crafty...seriously, who comes up with mini pilgrim hats made out of two of my favorite sweets...Keebler cookies and Reece's cups! More than one hat got squished in the making, and therefore needed to be consumed by the individual at the end of the production line, who also happen to be in charge of "quality" control! 

When all parties were well again, we resurfaced and hit the ground running. Thanksgiving was at our house this year, and mama had to learn how to roast up a turkey! I loaded up my two sous chefs and we hunted down a small turkey, kitchen twine, baster, and other necessities for our trial run! Besides wrestling around for a good 15 minutes, trying to "truss" the bird, the whole experience went relatively smooth! Yet another pleasant surprise!

Ordinary life or little surprises along the way...the beauty of this season is finding Thankfulness in every situation. Sometimes it takes me a lot longer to find gratitude in things like pink eye, but there really is a silver lining behind every cloud. Even if there wasn't, the GRACE alone that has been extended to us by our Savior is reason enough to wake up grateful every. single. day.

And if your wondering what the silver lining is...on those days you can't seem to get your head above the clouds...make mini pilgrim hats! But make sure your the guy at the end of the assembly line! :)

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