Thursday, November 1, 2012

the simple {quality} life

As I was saying in the conclusion of my last post, being in a foreign land where from the moment you step off the plane, everything from the road signs to ordering a simple coffee from a local barista is a guessing game to connect the communication gap! The differences in cultural habits are also a factor in reminding you how far away from home you are!

The beautiful thing is, differences aside, people are all the same! We may prefer different foods and eat at different hours of the day...but we were all created with the need to eat! We may prefer to sleep on different levels of mattress firmness...but we all require sleep to function! We all show emotion when we're excited, sad, frustrated or irritated, we just have different ways of displaying them.

We all breathe. We all love. We all hope...but what makes us all feel alive is different! The challenge comes in accepting our differences and choosing to learn from each other! We don't have to be from different countries or ethnic groups to disagree on something simple...but the challenge is still the same! Realizing that my " preferences" are just that, and not a "required" way of living for everyone else in the world!

The only One worthy enough to set a required way of living is the One who created us all! Gods principles are the only exception to the "individual preference" way of living! When preferences become skewed with principles, the individual is trying to say God isn't worthy enough...but that's a rabbit trail I don't intend to go down on right now! 

What I most appreciated about the Italians is there stress on the importance of quality! It's not a secret that a lot of well known brands come out of Italy, from cars to clothes, and they are high end and usually handmade! The American mindset is that quantity is the famed way, and we are even willing to sacrifice quality to obtain more! This makes us a "disposable" nation, because we have to constantly replace the inferior quality items! And sometimes we replace things that aren't even worn out or broken. 

Even more admirable about this culture is they are willing to give time to ensure the quality of whatever it is they are doing or making! Something as simple as pizza dough is prepared 24 hours in advance to serving, because that is the required time it takes for the components of the dough to be at the proper consistency for a perfect pizza! They sit for hours over a meal just enjoying, not only the food, but the companionship of whoever is enjoying the food with them! They only thing they get in a hurry over is driving...and I haven't figured that out, so when I do, I'll be sure to write about it!

So as a short sum up...I've concluded "being content with the simple things", "less is sometimes more", and "things truly become sweeter with time" is what I need to work on before I can claim the "inner" Italian life and  move to a Villa somewhere on top of a sun soaked hill of Tuscany!


  1. Mmmm I love this post...makes me feel relaxed even reading it. I can't even say how WITH you I am! I can get on a soapbox and holler for quite awhile on how ridiculously busy we all are - then we wonder why we're so stressed out??? Ready to spend some quality time with you friend...hopefully next weekend! :)

  2. oh I love this post too and I wish I could join the two of you^^^ in some quality time :) Mel, your photos are beautiful! takes me away for a minute or two! Thanks for sharing! blessings

  3. Ahh a breath of fresh air from you and your travels. Great to see you every now and again on here to get my fix of Mel-Memories :)
    I sent a little postcard/Christmas wish your way from India- assuming it reaches.
    Happy Christmas to you and yours!


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