Friday, December 14, 2012

a touch of rustic Christmas

I must start this post out with a soul bearing, deep digging confession.... I love Pinterest. 
There, it's out there and I'm feeling a little vulnerable. Oh for the day that my mind was not bombarded with so much craftiness, creativity and clever DIYer's. But there's no turning back now folks. The local craft stores must know me by first name now, and surely their investors should too! My new laundry/craft room is happy though, for her essence is always brimming of flying scraps of fabric, the hum of my sewing machine or the smell of the ole' hot glue gun burning long into the night.

I joke with hubby about it being my lab. More times than not the project at hand is most always an "experiment" and if it actually turns out to be of something cute or out Pinterest! That's where the confession comes into play. I see a pin, become intrigued, and set my mind to figuring out how to make it or alter it in some way. Every fiber of my brain is sizzling and I can't stop it until there are scissors or a glue gun in hand. Maybe they have a "Pinterest support group" for people like me!

Now let me justify myself a little. ( or present to you my excuses). In all my pinteresty inspired lab projects I've discovered something about myself, that has come as a bit of a revelation. I've maybe always known I was a bit of an artsy kind of person, but more than that, "creating" something with my hands is an outlet of "who I am" that clears my mind, relaxes me and is rewarding by way of sense of accomplishment. Being a stay-at-home mother is satisfying and a blessing in so many ways, but I've discovered finding an"outlet" for tapping into what God wove into my being by way of talent or even personality makes me a better mother and wife. Finding a little time in the day when the boys are napping, or even having them along side me snipping, stamping, or gluing gets me through my day with just a little more joy!

And then the holidays made their entrance. Oh glorious Pin happy, gift wrapping, day in and day out of crafting & decorating. It sure takes the gloom off those foggy cold days, when everyone is sniffing and coughing and feeling cooped up! I like to take the elements of nature and throw in a little sparkle for a cheap easy theme! It's fun for the kids to go outside and find things for our project too.

So tell me, what keeps you sane or brings a bit more joy to your crazy, hectic holiday schedules?....

Thursday, December 6, 2012

the scheduled sleep



Actually, the truth is I'm a proponent of routine schedule for healthy development, but the longer I'm a mother, the more I laugh at the word schedule! The idea behind them is to keep things operating in a smooth manner, where child & mother know what to expect from each other at the same times every day.

We we're clickin along pretty good in our routines until sweet peep # 2 came on the scene. Nobody knows what to expect out of anybody at anytime. Somebodies always a day late or a dollar short, and if it ain't his idea, it ain't happenin'. The act of falling asleep has taken on a "routine" of it's own, and some may argue that it could fall into the category of a form of art. Let me break it down, just to humor you...

It usually starts with a full on game of wrestle just to get him into bed, then there's the bouncing, bouncing, bouncing, with a toss and a turn, maybe a roll...followed by the arm flapping and maybe a little leg twitching..throw in a little more flopping, change directions on the bed, start in with some talking, which turns into humming...and then more talking, while still twitching his leg, change back directions....the eyes close for just a minute.....

{hold your breath}

...and then start the above routine all over again. If you haven't lost your patience by now, just about the time your left thinking your evening quiet-time is never gonna happen....he's asleep. yup, just like that! I've never seen anything like it.

All that to say, Mr. Sleep-striker can preform his "art" when it's time for his routine, regularly schedule nap or bedtime...but come Tuesday morning, say at 10:36, or some other random's as if he was overcome by a force and was left slumbering soundly in the strangest locations. {see above}

It's been good for me. I'll admit I'm not ready to throw out the schedules completely. But if you wanna take a snooze on the hardwood floor, don't bother even taking your boots off. Snooze away. So maybe it's only 10:36, and your "scheduled" nap isn't until 1, but I can roll with that!
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