Sunday, January 27, 2013

The marvel of it all.

 I sit down here for the third attempt today to post a long over due catch up. I'm sipping the remains of my half cold, second cup of coffee. The vacuum is sprawled among the crumbs of our last 2 days of meals, and the there's a whole sink full of brownie battered bowls and utensils waiting to be washed. Going through the last 2 months of pictures, I'm wondering...where do I start? How does time speed by so fast?

Unfortunately when I don't regularly post, the days blur into months and even with the catalog of pictures I've taken, the moments become a haze and I forget lot of details. This is precisely why I blog, because of my poor memory, I need to physically journal "these days of our lives" or they will be jumbled in an embarrassingly short amount of time! So, I will break into the most recent happenings, and record the freshest of memories! :) Enter my two little hula boys...

Earlier this week we returned from a much anticipated trip across the pacific to the warmer climate of the Aloha state! For weeks we talked about the sun, the beach, the turtles and geckos, and most exciting...grandpa & grandma from OH we're coming too! Pretty much all the highlights in one spot, in their world!(and mine! :) All we had to do was get through the 5 hour flight that preceded all the fun...

We counted ourselves blessed when we walked down the jet steps into the tropical open air, and relieved that the flight went so smoothly! They each had a backpack full of things to keep them occupied, but we didn't want to set our hopes too high! Even I get antsy sitting for that long! We didn't waste anytime making our way down the the beach, as it provided the perfect place to run off the excess energy from the flight! 
All was good on the island when Day 1 ended, except for one fateful mishap that involved my camera and a unforeseen wave that claimed its victim. She did survive, but not without the only mode she seemed to operate on was "auto"! Fine, take all my fun away...but at least I still could take pictures! 

 Vacation would be all too perfect if the sun always shined, the ocean always blue, and each morning we woke well rested! We'd probably just take it all for granted, but that wasn't the case when the smallest of the smalls woke up our second morning there sounding like a seal that was very angry! Croup boy was not amused with the noise coming from his throat either. At home, I usually bundle them up and take them out into the cold, moist winter air when they make the first bark of the dreadful sound. The air in Hawaii at 4:00 a.m. was neither moist nor cold, which is usually a wonderful thing! :) I was so torn between enjoying the wonderful warm breeze coming off the ocean or tending to the angry seal screaming in my arms! Eventually he calmed down enough to enjoy the early morning sounds of the ocean, and we were able to get his barking under control.

That wasn't the end of it though. His daddy stuck close to the condo with him the next couple of days while he weathered a fever and waited for the cough to break up. He was much happier enjoying the simplicity of the beach fun and getting the rest he needed, than with the rest of us driving all over the island on our sight seeing adventures!

Big brother on the other hand was on cloud nine! His latest fascination is volcanoes and he got to witness with his own eyes the wonder of the massive crater of lava! The steam coming out of the vent was cause for excitement too, as long as we didn't get too close! He surely didn't want to get burnt by the "hot lava". Even better than volcanoes is caves...but the adventure was a much better idea looking down through the Lava Tube, rather than walking through it! He begged to turn around, but as soon as we resurfaced through the short distance to the other side...he exclaimed "HOW COOL, lets go through again!"

 The sun did shine beautifully everyday, the ocean was brilliant blue each morning, we saw the display of magnificent waves crash in a continual motion upon the coastline, we tasted too many different kinds of delicious locally grown coffee, we felt the warm surf wash up over and slowly return back again with our feet, we witnessed the wonders of creation displayed by volcano, rain forest, and sea life...and we marveled that we serve the ONE who created it ALL!

But even in sickness and restless nights...or cloud filled skies or desolate lands, this ONE who creates is worthy of glory, and reason to marvel! As constant as the continual break of one wave followed by another, the same can be expected of HIS love for us! Now that is reason to marvel!
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