Friday, February 15, 2013

celebrating {Love}

The peeps have finally come down off their "chocolate-induced-two-day-sugar-high", and are both napping soundly. It's a little bit my fault, I admit. Okay, it's a lot my fault! First off because I've been known to be stingy with my offerings of sugary treats on an ordinary day, and second off, I agreed to a Valentines party! Talk about sending mixed signals! The sugary-est holiday of the year, except maybe Christmas, I agree to a party! That's what makes holidays special though, when they know they get to look forward to a little something out of the ordinary! 


I've also come to the understanding with preschooler/toddlers, is that if you keep them busy they are less likely to squabble, scribble, scatter or sabotage each other or the objects around them! Preparing for parties are great for creating busy work. Or at least I can disguise the "busy work" as party preparations and the enthusiasm is much higher! 

Another observation is that the definition of "party preparations" is vastly different among the Squabblers. One thinks a table full of card stock, markers, glue, tape, streamers and glitter is a whole morning worth of creating lovely tablescape and sweet worded cards! Actually two of us prefer that method of party planning. The third one just starts grabbing, running wild and pretending like the party has already started! (see previous picture). We put him in charge of morale, because glitter clearly looks like face paint, paper becomes confetti and the streamers his make believe rocket fuel spewing behind his rapid departure!

And this enthusiasm is on steady level blood sugar, friends! Now your not judging me for being stingy, huh! Me and the other Crafty One we're happy to let him blast through the house. Our craft time would otherwise be way too peaceful and uninterrupted. Whats a party without laughter and chaos?!

When I said I drag out the disguise of busy-work, I meant two w-h-o-l-e days. Day one was crafty paper and streamer mayhem, day two was baking, cooking and overall kitchen upheaval. This is precisely when the sugar intake began. Who wants to wait until the cupcakes are done to have a taste? There's beater blades to lick, and chocolate crumbs to scarf up! Streamer Boy is a little more apt to stick around for this kind of party prep. And as a quick FYI, go ahead and try the fabulous recipe we made! Simply put: wine + chocolate = yum-deli-icious!

Hubby and I sat at our cheery decorated, chocolate covered dinner table and smiled at the picture of ourselves right then. Our Valentines has vastly changed over the last few years. It's a day to celebrate the ones you love, and oddly it would seem strange to not let the peeps participate. We still love an occasional romantic, quiet dinner out...but a live party for four, with chatty excited participants is what we've been blessed with right now!

They bring a different level of love to our Valentines. They ARE because we ARE. They LOVE only if we LOVE. Sometimes our love isn't enough. God's love IS always enough.
HIS love fills in, where OUR love falls short.
HIS love heals, when OUR love falls apart.
HIS love carries, when OUR love runs out.
Find yourself in HIS LOVE today!


  1. I just love the photo of your son running with the streamers trailing behind him! I have a very energetic little one so I can relate. :) Your cupcakes looks so adorable! Sounds like you had a lovely Valentiine's day!

    1. Thank you! Yes, that picture captures the essence of him!! :) The cupcakes were a huge hit around here too!

  2. What a sweet gathering! Your little are well loved indeed!


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