Monday, February 11, 2013

product review + gallery wall

I had a little heart to heart with Ms.Cannon this morning, she still refuses to cooperate with me. After her fateful mishap in Hawaii, I thought we had this worked out last week when she finally came around to me working with her in manual mode. This morning during a little shoot session, I was proven wrong...

Anyway, here is a couple pictures taken pre-wave catastrophe of a fantastic product I want to share with you all! I purchased a beautiful antique picture frame at the Alameda Antique Fair last summer and got it for a great price...but it did need some TLC. 

At the time of purchase, I wasn't exactly sure what kind of TLC treatment it was going to receive, but I knew for the price, I'd figure something out. And then it got stuck in The Lab for a couple of weeks, until I just happened upon this fabulous find at Hobby Lobby. I loved the gold frame, contrasting with the linen matte, so I was able to restore the color and still keep the antique patina! Super fun stuff to work with! 

And then a whole gallery wall was dreamed up using old frames I already had!! That's how my projects usually go. I get so excited about the product, next thing you know I'm using it on everything! Remember the Burlap? or Chalk paint? Okay, who am I kidding, you all know me well enough by now I don't even have to tell you I get a little carried away! 

So here's the start of this mornings little chat session with my camera. We couldn't agree on shutter speed, and when I'd get it set, she'd change on me mid-shot! And then don't get me started on her clarity. I've decided she needs to go see someone professional to work out her issues. Maybe do some soul searching, get a good cleaning, and clear the salt water out of her brain. Needless to say, this is what we come up with to share with you the gallery wall that received the "gold" treatment!

 Some of the frames were already gold, or had a little accent that I just embellished a bit more. Some of them were not gold at all, and received the full treatment! I felt like a fairy with pixie dust, doing my magic with the wand of my new found love..RUB'N'BUFF!!

If only you could see the magic clearly, and not through the haze of salt water! I have to confess I did not put this wall together in the proper manner that is so cleverly demonstrated on Pinterest. You know the one, with the cut pieces of paper that represent each frame going on the wall and where? It's really a brilliant idea if you have all the pieces to your gallery all at one time. I'd get a couple hung, and then find another one laying around that fell victim to the Rub'n Buff, and I'd rearrange again. Hubby would be horrified at the number of nail holes behind all them gold beauties! :)


  1. Cute! I have found 3mm command strips to be wonderful! I can hang and rearrange without causing my hubby to twitch! lol I don't use them for anything too heavy but t do have a lot of them around our home.

  2. Your gallery wall looks wonderful!! Very pretty!

  3. It looks great! Gallery walls are hard, I think... esp for a perfectionist, but I'd say yours is as near perfect as I've ever seen! :)


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