Friday, March 8, 2013

Spring overdrive syndrome

Every year, about this same time, I enter into this highly motivated, yet over-achiever kind of mindset that sends me into the same tail-spin every time! It's the same sequence of events, and it starts with that bright sunny February morning when I step outside and the air just feels different. The sky is bluer, the temperatures warmer, and the grass appears just a slight bit more green. 

 The next thing that happens is the glorious burst of blooms on every fruit-bearing tree in all of the orchard filled lands of Northern California. It's spectacular. But it's the cause of mental shift into overdrive.

Suddenly everything needs pruning. Why didn't we do that a month ago, you know before it started to push new growth. There's weeds popping up every where. We should focus on weeding first. And while we're weeding, we might as well clean up all the dead leaves that were left to blanket the plants through winter. The new vegetable & garden seed catalog comes, forget the weeding and pruning, lets get the garden worked up all freshly composted ready for neatly little rows of happy little plants! 

But then the temps always dip down a little, and a little more rain comes...but there's no turning back. Mainly because I'm blessed to have a greenhouse facility in my front yard, so I start working on hanging baskets. All the pretty flats of flowers showing off their beauty, and in my head I'm thinking up a hundred different combination...I can hardly stuff moss fast enough. Except 2 little boys contained in a warm-humid climate with dirt, water and the freshly planted cuttings of their future livelihood...they slow down the stuffing. They prefer to uproot, or quick drench. Then somebody always falls victim to the garden hose. Don't they know there's FLOWERS TO PLANT! 

We take a break, go in the house to have a snack and I notice the sun shining in through the rain splattered windows! I wonder if it's too early to start washing them. Washing windows is always combined with spring cleaning though. I should start spring cleaning. The ants have made it clear there's been neglect in the upkeep while we were out weeding and pruning and mossing and planting.

 I'll let them do the clean-up. And just maybe when it rains again it'll finish washing the windows for me. The garden isn't planted, but really it's just the first of March, whose keeping score. The plants aren't going to harbor bitterness if we prune off a little fresh growth. The weeds will still be there tomorrow, and there's a great way to keep flowers from overgrowing with just a little "pinch-back" love.

What doesn't keep is little boys wanting to play "nurseryman", and cook salads, and speed through mud puddles and help stuff moss. You can't prune the new growth of learned behavior or pinch-back the ugly of short words and actions. It's hard for me to keep perspective when I'm in the tail-spin. I'm learning to shift it back down to controlled forward motion, and just enjoy the warmer days with little to no productivity. Maybe next year I'll be aware of the onset of the symptoms earlier and prevent the overdrive syndrome all together! :) Happy Spring ALL! 

***and just for fun a random photo of a gift left by a sweet, out of state friend who I was honored to host a few weeks back. The beautiful packaging deserved a widely viewed audience!***

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